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Room 202 at 2F (Please find Mr. Ryan)

Date & Time

October 25

10:00-12:00  &  13:00-15:00

October 26

10:00-12:00  &  13:00-15:00

October 27


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Outstanding Oral Presentation Award Winner of 24 Oct


OR-03-7 “Prefronto-striatal-thalamo-prefrontal Loop White Matter Tract Integrity Predicts Tai Chi Chuan Training Induced Task-switching Improvement in Middle-aged and Older Adults”

Meng-Tien Wu (Taiwan)


OR-04-6 “The Relationship of Appedincular Skeletal Muscle Mass to Trunkal Fat Mass (ASM/TrF) with Vertebral Bone Mass Density in Elderly: Osteo-Sarcopenic Obesity Syndrome”

Lazuardhi Dwipa (Indonesia)


OR-05-2 “Leveraging electronic information systems in Australian home- and community-based aged care: establishing new models to monitor outcomes”

Mikaela Jorgensen (Australia)


Outstanding Poster Presentation Award Winner of 24 Oct

1A-003 “Intima–Media Thickness, carotid plaque and carotid stenosis as predictors of mortality in the community-dwelling middle -aged and older adults

Tsai-Chung Li*(Taiwan), Cheng-Chieh Lin (Taiwan), Chiu-Shong Liu (Taiwan), Wen-Yuan Lin (Taiwan), Chung-Hsiang Liu (Taiwan), Yuh-Cherng Guo (Taiwan)

1A-035 “Dietary intake and all-cause mortality in older adults with type 2 diabetes”

Hsiang-Han Kao*(Taiwan), Chih-Hsueh Lin (Taiwan), Cheng-Chieh Lin (Taiwan), Tsai-Chung Li (Taiwan), Chiu-Shong Liu (Taiwan), Shin-Yu Yang (Taiwan)


1C-068 “Cognitive intervention through a training program for picture book reading improves not only cognitive function but gait function in community-dwelling older adults”

Hiroyuki Suzuki*(Japan), Susumu Ogawa (Japan), Yuta Nemoto (Japan), Momoko Kobayashi (Japan), Kenichiro Sato (Japan), Tomoya Takahashi (Japan), Ai Iizuka (Japan), Kimi Kobayashi (Japan), Yoshinori Fujiwara (Japan)


1C-095 “Frailty Is Associated with an Increased Risk of Major Adverse Outcomes in Elderly Patients Following Surgical Treatment of Hip Fracture”

Herng-Chia Chiu (China), Chun-Min Chen*(Taiwan), Herng-Chia Chiu (China), Chun-Min Chen (Taiwan), Chiu -Liang Chen (Taiwan), Chun-Yi Wang (Taiwan)


1D-126 “Membership Trends in the WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities”

Moon Choi*(South Korea)


1E-159 “Effectiveness of community-based computerised cognitive training on cognition and balance in older people”

Peishi Yeo*(Singapore), Mary Ng (Singapore), Philip Yap (Singapore), Tze-Pin Ng (Singapore), Shiou-Liang Wee (Singapore)

Outstanding Oral Presentation Award Winner of 25 Oct


OR-10-7 “Social Frailty and Adverse Outcomes in Older People”

Yunhwan Lee (South Korea)


OR-12-8” An Effective Nutrition Education Intervention Program for Elders in Community”

Li-Na Liao (Taiwan)


OR-14-2 "In My Shoes" Can wearing an age-suit increase person-centred practices for the hospitalised older adult?

Alera Bowden (Australia)

Outstanding Poster Presentation Award Winner of 25 Oct

2A-012 “Physical Functionality and Outcome in Older Patients with Heart Failure and Chronic Kidney Disease”

Shuo-Chun Weng*(Taiwan), Der-Cherng Tarng (Taiwan), Chu-Sheng Lin (Taiwan), Shih-Yi Lin (Taiwan)

2A-040 “Association between weight change over 4-years and mortality in Korean older adults: a nationwide longitudinal study”

Kiyoung Son (South Korea), Belong Cho*(South Korea), Hyuktae Kwon (South Korea), Jin Ho Park (South Korea), Hee Kyung Cho (South Korea), Seo Eun Hwang (South Korea), Su Hwan Cho (South Korea), Kyungdo Han (South Korea), Yong-Gyu Park (South Korea)

2C-084 “Association between frailty and daily living walking speed measured by smartphones with built-in Global Positioning System (GPS)”

Hisashi Kawai*(Japan), Shuichi Obuchi (Japan), Yutaka Watanabe (Japan), Hirohiko Hirano (Japan), Yoshinori Fujiwara (Japan), Kazushige Ihara (Japan), Hunkyung Kim (Japan), Yoshiyuki Kobayashi (Japan), Masaaki Mochimaru (Japan), Eiki Tsushima (Japan), Kozo Nakamura (Japan)

2D-119 “Quality of death among older Koreans: How does family support matter?”

Hyo Jung Lee*(Singapore), Jiyoung Lyu (South Korea)

2D-136 “Associations of rehabilitation of long term care with care-need level deterioration at twelve months after discharge in Japan

Seigo Mitsutake*(Japan), Tatsuro Ishizaki (Japan), Rumiko Tsuchiya-Ito (Japan), Kazuaki Uda (Japan), Hiroaki Ueshima (Japan), Tomoyuki Matsuda (Japan), Hiroshige Jinnouchi (Japan), Satoru Yoshie (Japan), Katsuya Iijima (Japan), Nanako Tamiya (Japan)


2C-176 “Effect of ‎4-week mental exercise program on cognition, depression, quality of life and spiritual well-being in older adults with mild dementia”

Miaoyu Liao*(Taiwan), Li-Fen Wu (Taiwan), Shun-Fa Yang (Taiwan), Meng-Chih Lee (Taiwan)


Outstanding Oral Presentation Award Winner of 26 Oct


OR-20-2 “Smart Doll for Elderly Living Support in Different Living Environments”

James Cheung (Hong Kong)

OR-22-5 “Interest-based mobile touch screen IT training for older adults”

Jeanie Beh (Australia)


OR-24-8 “Association of baseline frailty status and postoperative morbidity in curative surgery for elder patients with urologic malignancies”

Chien-Yao Sun (Taiwan)


OR-25-6” Mitochondrial DNA haplogroups affect physical performances among elderly: an 8-year follow-up prospective cohort study”

Chuan-Wei Yang (Taiwan)


Outstanding Poster Presentation Award Winner of 26 Oct


3A-001 “Sarcopenia and the risk of mortality and incident disability in community-dwelling older Japanese”

Akihiko Kitamura*(Japan), Satoshi Seino (Japan), Takumi Abe (Japan), Yu Taniguchi (Japan), Yuri Yokoyama (Japan), Hidenori Amano (Japan), Miki Narita (Japan), Tomoko Ikeuchi (Japan), Yoshinori Fujiwara (Japan), Shoji Shinkai (Japan)


3A-041 “PUBS as an Indicator for Addressing Constipation among the Elderly”

Noribumi Matsudo*(Japan), Yukiko Murata (Japan), Ai Takeda (Japan), Sayuri Kobayashi (Japan)


3C-087 “Effect of frequency of participating in the region activity on subjective well-being:A 3-year prospective study of urban Japanese older adults”

Masashi Yasunaga*(Japan), Hisashi Kawai (Japan), Manami Ejiri (Japan), Takashi Kera (Japan), Yutaka Watanabe (Japan), Yoshinori Fujiwara (Japan), Hirohiko Hirano (Japan), Motonaga Kojima (Japan), Harumi Nakada (Japan), Shuichi Obuchi (Japan)


3D-115 “Relationship between new long-term care insurance certification and Kihon Checklist after 5 years in community-dwelling elderly: Study based on sex and age group”

Yasuhiro Morita*(Japan), Tomoyuki Arai (Japan), Shuichiro Watanabe (Japan)


3D-143 “Spatial analysis of accessibility to destinations determining mental health of older Japanese adults living in urban and rural areas.”

Wataru Onoguchi*(Japan), Yasuyuki Fukukawa (Japan), Yukie Masui (Japan), Hiroki Inagaki (Japan), Yuko Yoshida (Japan), Madoka Ogawa (Japan), Mai Kabayama (Japan), Saori Yasumoto (Japan), Kei Kamide (Japan), Yasumichi Arai (Japan), Kazunori Ikebe (Japan)


3A-174 “ORAL FRAILTY is associated with deterioration of both oral health behaviors and intraoral conditions”

Misa Nishimoto*(Japan), Tomoki Tanaka (Japan), Yutaka Watanabe (Japan), Hirohiko Hirano (Japan), Takeshi Kikutani (Japan), Tetsuro Sato (Japan), Kazuko Nakajo (Japan), Katsuya Iijima (Japan)