Student Mixer
*Due to the limit on the number of people, This activity priority open for participants in Student & Early-career Researcher Program and Master Class.

l   Tickets can be purchased separately via the online registration system.

l   Based on first-come-first-serve basis due to limited number.

Student Tour – October 27, Sunday


TICCèConfucius TempleèDalongdong Bao’an TempleèDihua StreetèCentral Park Café


12:30 – 17:30


NT$1,300 (Approx. USD$40) / person


40 people


The price included Tour bus, Insurance, Tour Guide, A bottle of water, Lunch Box, and dinner at Central Park Café.


Meet Up


Meet up at main entrance, TICC.

And provide Lunch box on the bus.

Confucius Temple


The Taipei Confucius Temple is modeled after the original Confucius Temple in Qufu, China. In keeping with the sober spirit of Confucianism, the building is appropriately austere. Visitors also won't find the spring couplets common at other types of temples. Some say this is because it would be rude to display the writing of another in a temple dedicated to the Sage. Among the Confucius temples in Taiwan, Taipei's is the only one adorned with southern Fujian-style ceramic applique. At the main hall of the temple one can see a black plaque with gold lettering that reads "Educate without Discrimination." Every year on September 28, a grand ceremony with traditional music and stylized dancing is held at the temple in honor of Confucius.

Dalongdong Bao’an Temple


Next to Taipei's Confucius temple is a temple that seems like it is the polar opposite of the other - The Dalongdong Bao-An Temple or just "Bao-An Temple" is arguably one of the busiest and most beautiful folk-religion temples in Taiwan. The temple is extremely ornate and is a national treasure to the people of Taiwan having achieved the status of a level two historic monument and being recognized by the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. The temple is also highly recommended by travel publications and is listed as a "must-visit" attraction by Lonely Planet.Bao-An Temple wins most of its accolades from its attention to detail and the beautiful art contained with the display of Taiwanese lilies that make the temple smell amazing. The original builders spent a considerable amount of money contracting the best artisans in the country at the time to help decorate the temple. If you are a fan of traditional art, Bao-An temple really is an excellently preserved museum to showcase the rich cultural history of Taiwan and the immigrants who came here so long ago.

Dihua Street


Cutting through Datong District is one of Taipei’s historic neighborhoods, Dihua Street offers visitors a glimpse of mid-19th century Taipei as well as the city’s thriving artistic side.

Running between Nanjing West Road and Minquan West Road, the street is known as being the heart of Dadaocheng, the oldest still-surviving neighborhood in Taipei, and for its traditional medicinal tea, sundries, and fabric and tailor shops. But there is still more to explore along Dihua Street with its historic architecture in traditional Fujian style, Baroque style and western style.  Art galleries and contemporary craft shops have also made Dihua Street a popular tourist attraction. It is indeed an excellent place to enjoy the joyful atmosphere and to experience Taiwan culture

Dinner Time


The tour will be happily end here. Buffet at Central Park Café is included, the store is near by the MRT Taipower Building Station, you can take the MRT back to your hotel after dinner.