Pre-Congress Master Class

Pre-Congress Master Class ‘Population Ageing and Work in Later Life’: Application deadline extended to 26, 2019! Click here for further information

October 23-27, 2019, Taipei, Taiwan

A Master Class for social science PhD students, post-doctoral and early career researchers on the topic of ‘Population Ageing and Work in Later Life’ will be offered in conjunction with the 11th IAGG Asia/Oceania Regional Congress. This master class responds to the need to build knowledge about the interfaces between population ageing, income security and work.

Work in later life has become part of global discourses about how to ensure well-being of ageing people. An example comes from HelpAge International’s Strategic plan for 2020. In it, they highlight the need to understand regional differences and challenges in enabling decent, safe and secure work and increasing income security in old age. They note the immense diversity across regions in addressing these goals. While formal sector work and retirement have become the norm in the some countries; in others people work in the informal economy or are excluded from employment as they grow older.

Population ageing and work in later life provides a rare opportunity to early career researchers to learn more about these issues and how their own research can contribute to addressing them. Senior scholars from Asia-Oceania who are international experts will present workshops on topics in work and later life including tensions between work and family care; policies, values and discourses about work and employment; work and well-being; and workplace cultures. To allow time for discussion and mentoring of participants by these senior scholars, enrolment is limited 15 PhD students or postdoctoral researchers.

The master class course will involve:

Upon completion of the class, participants will:

Funding is available on a competitive basis to support applicants to attend the Master Class.

Details of the workshop format, eligibility criteria, costs and financial support available are provided in the program and application form.

Application form can be accessed HERE 

Program outline can be found HERE

Application deadline extended to 26 June 2019