Congress Theme

Health & Wellbeing in the Silver World: From Bench to Policy

The Asia-Oceania region hosts the fastest-growing aging population in the world, and Taiwan is no exception. In 2019, we sincerely invite all the experts from the region and around the world to join the IAGG Asia/Oceania Regional Congress in Taipei, Taiwan to promote the health and wellbeing of older adults in the Silver World, covering all angles from BENCH to POLICY.

Led by IAGG Headquarters and the Taiwan Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (TAGG), we have invited all major societies dedicated to aging studies in Taiwan to organize this event. Aging encompasses an overwhelming array of complicated issues demanding interdisciplinary collaborations. Under the main theme "Health and Wellbeing in the Silver World: From Bench to Policy," topics in the following five major areas will be explored:

1. Clinical Science Organized by the TAGG

Under the broad umbrella of clinical science, issues on geriatric syndromes, diseases common among older adults, and innovative and intergraded care models, will be discussed, together with principles of geriatric medicine, including holistic care, seamless care, interdisciplinary team approach, and the balance between longevity and quality of life.

2. Biological Science Organized by the Division of Geriatrics and Gerontology, the Institute of Population Health Sciences, National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan

Apart from clinical research, understanding the mechanisms of aging at the genetic, cellular, and molecular levels is crucial for promoting successful aging. Important topics concerning the biological aspects of aging include cellular senescence and apoptosis, signaling pathways in aging, inflammation and immune mechanisms in the aging process, genetics and metabolic dysfunction of aging, etc. Emphasis is also placed on translating biological studies for clinical and policy applications.

3. Behavioral and Social Sciences Organized by Taiwan Association of Gerontology

Researchers specializing in human development, psychology, sociology, economics, education, family relations, public health, community organizations, information and communication, urban planning, civic engagement and actions have contributed innovative knowledge and theories to develop effective interventions against the aging tsunami. Aging-related cross-national comparative studies, especially those focusing on the Asia- Pacific region and cultures, will be highly valued.

4. Policy, Planning & Practice Organized by Taiwan Long-term Care Management Association

Most Asian countries have been working with great vitality to develop innovative and effective policies in health care, pension, and long-term care for tackling their rapidly expanding aging populations. The 2019 IAGG Asia/Oceania Regional Congress in Taipei expects to provide a productive platform for sharing strategies and service programs in active aging, social security, and caring for the vulnerable population in the region.

5. Gerontechnology Organized by the Chinese Society of Gerontechnology and Service Management

The Gerontechnology session hosts forums for presentations on the development and evaluation of real-life gerontechnology products and services. Potential application domains include (but not limited to) health, housing, mobility, communication, leisure, and work. Possible types of technology intervention include enhancement and satisfaction, prevention and engagement, compensation and assistance, and care and organization.